Resume and Artist Statement 

Artist Statement 

From the time Giotto dipped his brush in red paint and with one continuous stroke painted a perfect circle to the found objects Rauschenberg added to his paintings, each artist has added to the never-ending discourse that is Art.

 My Artwork is about the unique way my dyslexic brain functions. My mind stores information visually, like snapshots from a camera. Each moment has the potential to become the core layout of an art piece, and the way my mind captures, retains, and retrieves memory informs the flow and style of my work. I choose abstraction because it documents feelings about each snapshot, which in turn, is more real to me than a photograph. Jacque Derrida dealt with this abstraction in written language and how the written word changes in meaning over time, actually expanding to meaninglessness. His conclusions were called “deconstruction.” I see a parallel in my paintings, light pieces, installations and photographs as they expand beyond a single moment to morph or grow toward the deconstruction of that moment. However, I argue that my Artwork takes each moment and makes it more meaningful by the way my mind changes memories—adding or morphing details. Sometimes it may even mix past experiences and assumptions of future outcomes, which turns memories into something different from the original event. This abstract uniqueness is what I am painting. Ultimately, my Art is the beautiful chaos of thought, and my paintings strive to show this fluid, organic realm with pulsing, twisting and spinning movement across and within the picture plane.

Viewing the world through this mindset allows me to see multiple planes of thought all at once. Therefore, I can conclude that I am not a copy of a copy of a copy, nor is my Art. My Art is the viewpoint of my mind’s eye at this moment, and I am a part of the never-ending discourse that is Art.

Art is the creation of an illusion
Being an Artist is making that illusion real


2000 Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA  • Bloomfield hills • MI
2000 Royal College of Art • London •  England
1994 Western Michigan University, BA •  kalamazoo • MI
1992 Scola di Lorenzo de Medici  • Florence • Italy

2017/18 Charles Schridde Gallery, Grosse Pointe Park • MI  • Solo Show
2016 Art Unbound, Ann Arbor • MI  • Solo Show
2015 Winter Street Studio, Houston • TX • Solo Show 
2012/14 Ferndale public library • MI 
2011/12 Farmington Hills City Hall • MI
2011 City Gallery, Farmington Hills • MI  • Solo Show
2011 Artprize, Grand Rapids • MI 
2010 Art Unbound, Ferndale • MI • Solo Show
2009 Art Unbound, Detroit • MI • Solo Show
2009 City Gallery, Farmington Hills • MI • Solo Show
2008 555 Gallery, Detroit • MI • Solo Show
2008 Art Unbound, Ferndale • MI • Solo Show
2008 City Gallery, Farmington Hills • MI • Solo Show
2007 Next Step Gallery, Ferndale • MI • Solo Show
2007 Art Unbound, Ferndale • MI • Solo Show
2006 Synergy Fine Art Gallery, Berkley • MI • Solo Show
2006 Art Unbound, Ferndale • MI • Solo Show
2005 Art Unbound, Ferndale • MI • Solo Show
2004 Gallery 68, Grand Rapids • MI • Solo Show
2003 Art Unbound, Hazel Park • MI • Solo Show
2002 Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale • MI
2001 The Scarab Club, Detroit • MI
2000 The Soap Factory, Minneapolis • MN 
2000 Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills • MI
1999 Fire Exit, Columbus • OH
1999 Artcite, Windsor • Canada
1999 Forum Gallery, Pontic • MI 

2015 Intangibilitees, Farmington Hills • MI
2014 KFZ Technik Mugei, Selbitz • Germany
2011 Royal Oak Pediatrics, Huntington Woods • MI
2007 Farmington Public Schools, Farmington Hills • MI
2004 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Michigan, Troy • MI 
2003 Muller Design, Grand Rapids• MI 
2000 DM B&B, Troy • MI 

2007 Gazette
2006 Lebanese monthly
2006 Detroit Free Press
2006 Detroit News

2001 – present, North Farmington High School • Digital Photography – Graphics Design 
– Advanced Draw/Paint - AP Studio
2000 – 2008, Oakland Community College • Digital Photography
2000 – 2001, Grosse Pointe South High School • Traditional Black/White Photography

Art is the creation of an illusion
Being an Artist is making that illusion real

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