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Steven J Deeb

I am a practicing artist for over 25 years and have been teaching the visual arts to high school students and adults for even longer. I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Art Academy, an undergraduate art degree from WMU, and have studied in Europe. I have art work in personal collections and galleries throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and Germany. My Artwork is about the unique way my dyslexic brain functions. My mind stores information visually, like snapshots from a camera. Each moment has
the potential to become the core layout of an art piece, and the way my mind captures, retains, and retrieves memory informs the flow and style of my workI choose abstraction because it documents feelings about each snapshot, which in turn, is more real to me than a photograph. Jacque Derrida dealt
with this abstraction in written language and how the written word changes in meaning over time, actually expanding to meaninglessness. His conclusions were called “deconstruction.” I see a parallel in my paintings, light pieces,
installations and photographs as they expand beyond a single moment to morph or grow toward the deconstruction of that moment. However, I argue that my Artwork takes each moment and makes it more meaningful by the way my mind changes memories—adding or morphing details.  Sometimes it may even
mix past experiences and assumptions of future outcomes, which turns memories into something different from the original event. This abstract uniqueness is what I am painting. Ultimately, my Art is the beautiful chaos
of thought, and my paintings strive to show this fluid, organic realm with pulsing, twisting and spinning movement across and within the picture plane.

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